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Safety Rails Systems Protect Workers from Fall Hazards
OSHA Compliant Safety Rails, Roof Railing and Safety Handrails are passive fall protection systems that do not require the use of personal protective equipment and active participation from the worker once installed.

Safety Rails, Roof Railing, and Safety Handrails are available with Freestanding Bases, Portable Bases, Permanent Mounts, Parapet Clamps and Standing Seam Clamps. Options include Roof Ladder Attachment Brackets, Toe Boards, Safety Gates, Protective Pads and Base Mover/Dolly.

Time Saving Fast Installation
Roof Railing with Freestanding Bases and Portable Bases are fast and easy to install. Two inexperienced workers can install 175 lineal feet per hour of with the use of our custom project CAD drawing and Base Mover/Dolly.

Companies using our Safety Rails, Roof Railing and Safety Handrails
Georgia-Pacific, ConAgra, Armstrong World Industries, Weyerhaeuser, Hanford, International Paper, Iberdrola, Lamb-Weston, W.R. Grace, KapStone, Allegheny Technologies, Darigold, Great Western Malting, Gulf Energy, Ball Corp, Sorrento Lactalis, Pacific Gas & Electric and RockTenn.

Applications for Safety Rails, Roof Railing and Safety Handrails
Roof Edges, Skylight Guarding, HVAC Servicing, Floor Openings
, Crowd Control, Pits and Utility Vaults, Fan, Vent and Stack Maintenance, Roof Hatch Guarding, Cooling Tower Servicing, Machine Guarding, Mezzanine Edges, Loading Docks, Construction Sites, Hazard Barrier, Shipping Pits and Short-Term Fall Protection.

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     Safety Rails Systems with Safety Gate 

Freestanding and Portable Safety Rails Image
Freestanding & Portable Safety Rails
Non-Penetrating Standing Seam Clamp Image
Non-Penetrating Standing Seam Clamp
Mechanically Attached Roof Railing Image
Mechanically Attached Roof Railing

Freestanding and Portable Safety Rails
This style does not require holes or penetrations into the substrate. Setup is quick and easy without the use of tools or fasteners; simply place the Bases using our Base Mover/Dolly and install the Rail Sections. This style of Safety Rails is designed to be used on sloped surfaces with a 1/12 pitch or less.

Mechanically Attached Safety Handrails
This style of Safety Handrails mechanically attaches to the substrate using our Floor, Wall, Pit, Vault or Parapet Style Mounting Bases. 

Standing Seam Roof Railing
This style of Roof Railing does not penetrate the roof and mechanically attaches to the standing seams using special clamps. Setup is simple using our custom project CAD drawings and a few wrenches.

Manufacturing and Design
Safety Rails, Roof Railing, Safety Handrails, Roof Hatch Guards and Skylight Guards are proudly made in Spring Park, MN. Finishes include safety yellow, custom colors and hot dipped galvanized. 

Skylight Guarding Systems Image
Skylight Guarding Systems
Roof Hatch Guarding Systems Image
Roof Hatch Guarding Systems

Visual Warning Line Systems Image
Visual Warning Line Systems

Passive vs. Active Fall Protection
Passive fall protection does not require the use of personal protective equipment and active participation from the worker once installed. Examples of passive fall protective include Safety Rails, Safety Handrails, Roof Railings, Roof Hatch Guards and Skylight Guards.

Active fall protection unlike Safety Rails Systems require securing a harnessed worker to an anchorage point with a connecting device. There are two types of active fall protection; fall arrest and fall restraint. Fall restraint requires the connecting device to keep the worker from going over a fall hazard edge.

Learn more about Safety Rails, Roof Railing and Safety Handrails
We will design a Safety Rails, Roof Railing, Safety Handrails, Roof Hatch Guard and Skylight Guard System for your specific application. We have the knowledge and products to help your employees and contractors work safer. If none of the Safety Rails, Roof Railing or Safety Handrails Systems look like they will meet your needs, please let us know; our engineers can design a custom solution for most fall protection applications.

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